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REI Modification

Do you have a High-Definition televsion that's just waiting to host the next round of Garou: Mark of the Wolves?  If so, then look no further!  Short for "Radically Enhanced Interface", this modification outputs a near-perfect image via it's component connectors.  Yes, we said Component Video - also known as Y/Pb/Pr or Color Difference.  Used on just about all HDTVs & monitors; this is as close to RGB (SCART/EuroConnector) as we citizens of the USA will ever get :)  The picture is simply astounding; shades & hues are more vibrant, sprite edges are sharper, and the colors are closer to what the SNK programmers envisioned.   Must be seen to be believed.  Rivals that of a MVS Arcade Cabinet.

(*These units also undergo all of the enhancements from the Mega Modification)

Cloaking Neo Geo AES Modification

Are you looking for a system with the most up-to-date enhancements but prefer the clean, untampered look of a stock Neo Geo Home Cart System?  Then this is the answer.

Offering a crystal clear picture & amplified stereo sound conveniently through the OEM 8-Pin DIN connector, this unit has everything you'd want!  The factory jack has been refitted with the one of the BEST analog signals possible (S-Video) along with TRUE stereo sound!

As one can guess, the rear case-mounted S-Video/Composite Video/Stereo jacks are missing.  All of the above-mentioned features are present invisibly to the naked eye.  Targeted at collectors & perfectionists who want to exploit the benefits of modification but are hesitant to tarnish their prized possession's factory appearance, this is the answer they've been looking for.

Although the original DIN connector has been re-engineered, all Cloaked AES Systems are 100% COMPATIBLE with any standard SNK AV Cable & RF Switch!!! Each & every Cloaked AES System modified/sold via Neotropolis includes the custom Cloaked AV Cable.

*(The Cloaking procedure can be Built-to-Order.  If you're looking for a particular feature or interface that you'd like in the connector, simply contact us with the specifics & we will do our best to accomodate your needs!)

Mega Neo Geo AES Modification

If you're like us, you want the best performance out of your electronics.  This also applies to video games.  There are numerous enhancements to the Neo Geo Home Cartridge System, below is a list of the modifications offered in the MEGA AES package:

- S-Video Mod:  This GREATLY enhances the Neo's video signal.  Using RF or Composite (yellow) is not satisfactory if your a video buff (like ourselves).  It is one of the best analog connections possible on a television set!

- Composite Video (RCA Yellow):  This eliminates the need for proprietary cables!

If you Television set lack's a S-Video Port,  don't worry!  You can still hook the unit up via RF switch (Coaxial Cable) or by Composite (Yellow Plug).

- Stereo Left/Right:  This gives the Neo TRUE Stereo sound.  Without it,  you only have a Mono soundfield (one channel).  This taps into the Neo's headphone jack, which in turn, boosts the power of the signal significantly.  Once again,  if your into hooking your components up thru a Home Theater/Stereo System,  this is a much needed modification.

- Uni-Bios/Debug-Bios Upgrade:  These are basically "built-in" internal Game Sharks for the Neo.  They allow you to alter the system's "mode" (MVS, JPN Home, US Home, Developer Home, etc..)  You can also modify attributes (Time Limits, Live #s, etc..)  On top of that, you can also input numbers which modify the game (just like a game shark...)

(*Samurai Showdown 5 Special owners will most likey opt for the Uni-Bios 2.2 since it unlocks the fatalites, now on par with it's MVS (Arcade) counterpart)

- Reset Button Power LED:  Simply cosmetic.  Since the Neo Geo lacks any form of power indicator,  we add it so you know when the power's on!  We used to keep our personal systems on for hours/days (without knowing) due to the lack of such feature.

(*LEDs vary in color.  I can install the color of your choice; Red, Green, Aqua, White, Purple, Gold, Purple & Blue.  Some will even pulsate/flash!*)

Questions, Concerns or to have your existing unit modified,  please contact our  Tech Department for futher details.