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Your eyes are peering at some unique machines; Custom "Consolized" Neo Geo Mult-Slot MVS (Arcade) boards which have been turned into home systems. They are 100% compatible with your TV/Home Theater in order to play Neo Geo MVS Carts in the comfort of your living room!

We can assure you that it will satisfy any collector/gamer in the Neo Geo world!  You can use ANY Neo Geo AES or CD joysticks/controllers with this unit.  It has the identical controller ports that are outfitted on the home system(s)!

Here is a list of their specifications:

- Neo Geo Multi-Slot MVS Motherboads:  There were a total of four different PCB layouts; ranging from the standard 1-Slot to the whopping 6-Slot.  The most preferred model is the 2-Slot due to it's on-board memory card reader.

- RGB to NTSC Encoder:  This little unit is the best thing since sliced bread!  It takes the PCBs Video Signal (RGB, which is NOT compatible with our TV systems here in the states) and converts it to NTSC (which is what our televisions use to display a picture here in America).  The converter outputs it's signal via Composite Video (RCA Yellow), S-Video (one of the cleanest analog signal you can get) & Component Video (HDTV; sharpest picture next to pure RGB). This unit can also be calibrated to obtain the best picture possible with your specific TV/Monitor!

- Stereo Left/Right Output:  This gives the Neo TRUE Stereo sound!  This signal is outputted along side of the video connectors)

- Uni-Bios Upgrade:  This is currently, the most wanted gizmo for the Neo Geo System!  Created by Razoola, this is the ULTIMATE bios.  Contains an elaborate cheat engine, along with a Music Player!  It is able to change your system "mode" from Home play (AES) to Arcade play (MVS), along with selecting region; Japan, USA & Europe!  You can also modify attributes (Time Limits, Infinite Ammo, Live #s, etc..)  On top of that, you can input numbers which modify the game (just like a game shark...There is so much to this new bios, you'll be amazed!

- Powder-Coated Finish:  All of our multi-slot units receive their enamel via powder-coating.  The paint is actually baked into the metal, so you will not have to worry about paint drips, chipping &/or scratching!  Just about any color can be used; simply contact us for details.

- Power ON LED:  This indicator illuminates when the power is on!  Buyers can pick their color of choice upon purchase.  A great way to complement the color of the shell; also up to the buyer.

- Multi-Voltage Power Supply:  Are you living in the United Kingdom which  has a 220/240 Volt Power Grid?  No worries!  All of our units include a power supply which will work in your country/region; no need for messy "step-up" or "step-down" converters!

- JAMMA Compatible:  Each & every MVS board we consolize remains 100% compatible in it's original form; the Arcade Cabinet.  These unit's JAMMA interfaces have NOT been sacrificed.  Simply plug our systems back into your gaming cab for stand-up enjoyment!

Additional Questions?  Would you like a system of your own?  If so, please contact our Tech Department to have your inquiries answered.