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Welcome to the Neotropolis Outlet.  Here, you will find all kinds of Neo Geo items for sale.  Ranging from software to hardware, to artwork and collectables.  Some common, some unique.  If you would like more detailed pictures, simply contact us via email with your request(s).

Edited as of May 28th, 2016:

(Neo Geo AES; original releases)

- Please visit our ebay store, Neotropolis, for all active titles!

(Neo Geo AES; conversions)

All titles use original/authentic/genuine chips, PCBs & hardware except for the unreleased games noted with a star [*].

Due to the rising cost of materials, please contact us for up-to-date pricing.

We offer all titles in both old-style case form & new-style case form.  Snap-lock box versions will be a bit more expensive due to the higher cost of the cases.  Games include their box/case, insert & game cartridge with sticker.  At this time, we do not offer instruction manuals.

- Bang Bang Busters*
- Bang Bead
- Blazing Star
- Breaker's
- Breaker's Revenge
- Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble
- Bust-A-Move Again/Puzzle Bobble 2
- Captain Tomaday
- Fight Fever
- Flip Shot
- Ganyru
- Garou : Mark of the Wolves
- Ghost Lop*
- Goal! Goal! Goal!
- Iron Clad*
- Irritating Maze (requires Uni-Bios upgrade)
- Kizuna Encounter
- Magical Drop II
- Magical Drop III
- Metal Slug 1
- Metal Slug 2
- Metal Slug 3
- Metal Slug 4
- Money Puzzle Exchanger
- Neo Bomberman
- Neo Drift Out
- Neo Mr. Do
- Neo Turf Masters
- Nightmare in the Dark
- Ninja Masters
- Over Top
- Panic Bomber
- Pleasure Goal/Futsal
- Pochi & Nyaa
- Pop 'N Bounce
- Power Spikes 2
- Prehistoric Isle 2
- Pulstar
- Puzzle de Pon!
- Puzzle de Pon! R
- Rage of the Dragons
- Ragnagard
- Sengoku 3
- Shock Troopers
- Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
- Stakes Winner
- Stakes Winner 2
- Strikers 1945 Plus
- Super Dodge Ball
- Super Sidekicks 4 : The Ultimate 11
- Tecmo World Soccer 96
- Twinkle Star Sprites
- Waku Waku 7
- Zed Blade
- Zupapa!

SuperGuns *Pricing starts at $435*

Want to play Arcade boards in the comfort of your living room? If so, this is the answer!  Compatible with most PCBs, a SuperGun is the item needed to turn your television into an arcade cabinet!  Works on just about any standard/HDTV, this device connects to the JAMMA harness of your game board in order to power the title, retrieve Video/Audio and allows you to hook-up your joysticks for play!

This is a great solution if you don't have the space for a full arcade cabinet.  Enjoy games in their original format by not sacrificing on inferior hardware and gaming platforms!

As you can see from the pictures above, these units have the following options:

- Component Video Output (HDTV)
- S-Video Output
- Composite Video Output
- Red & White Left/Right Audio Output (dual mono signal w/volume control)
- Neo Geo Controller Ports (pinout can be wired to your liking)
- Coin-In/Credit Buttons
- Test/Service Buttons
- R/G/B Adjustment (located discreetly underneath the unit)
- Power LED
- Multi-Voltage Power Supply (+5 Volts & +12 Volts; can be customized)

(SuperGun is available in multiple colors, including white & black as pictured)

Consolized (Enclosed) Neo Geo MV-1C System $689

The most compact 1-Slot board around, the MV-1C is the only vertical-facing single slot motherboard available. This unit has been fully enclosed in a sleek case so that it's guts are safely out of harm's way.  Modified to the max, this unit is compatible with your HDTV/Home Theater in order to play SNK Neo Geo MVS Software in the comfort of your living room!

As you can see from the pictures above, this unit has undergone extreme alteration. Here is a list of it's specifications:

- Component Video Output (HDTV)
- S-Video/Composite Video Output
- Stereo Left/Right Output
- Uni-Bios upgrade
- Neo Geo AES Controller Ports
- Power LED
- Fully Encased in an eye-catching enclosure

(package includes the main unit & it's power supply; as you can see, this particular system comes in either an off-white or slate-gray casing)

Consolized AtomisWave System $689

Here it is!  We are now selling the Sammy AtomisWave Systems for home use.  If you're a SNK fan, this will definitely be an item you'll want to add to your gaming collection.  Now that the MVS platform is officially dead, SNK has moved all of it's franchises to this new format.  Want to play the new King of Fighters?  How about Metal Slug 6?  If so, this is the way to go!

Each & every AtomisWave System is altered elaborately with the following options:

- RGB/VGA Output (High-Resolution 31khz signal)
- Component Video Output (HDTV)
- S-Video Output
- Composite Video (RCA Yellow) Ouput
- Stereo Sound Left/Right Output
- Test/Service buttons
- Neo Geo AES/MVS Controller Connectors
- Power LED

(package includes main unit & power supply)

Consolized PGM System by IGS $539

An obscure platform similar to SNK's Neo Geo MVS system, this unit is a pleasant surprise.  As always, the system receives the NeoGeo controller pinout for compatibility.  Unit includes power supply.

(game not included)

Consolized Neo Geo MV-1A/MV-1B/MV-1FZ Systems *contact us for pricing*

The smaller, single slot MVS PCBs created by SNK/Playmore.  These units are compatible with your TV/Home Theater, providing countless hours of fun enjoying the SNK MVS Library!

These particular game boards have gone through heavy alteration.  Below is a list of their specifications:

- Component Video Output (optional; not included with price)
- S-Video/Composite Video Output
- Stereo Left/Right Output
- Uni-Bios upgrade
- Neo Geo AES Controller Ports
- Dual Functionality; PCBs are 100% compatible in an Arcade Cabinet

(package includes the main deck & it's power supply)

REI Neo Geo AES/NGH Home System(s) *Pricing starts at $600*

Bringing the Neo into the 21st century, digital style!  This is the pinnacle of the home cartridge system.  Short for "Radically Enhanced Interface", these units output a phenomenal signal via their component connectors.  Yes, we said component; used on all HDTV monitors, televisions, etc.  This is as close to RGB/SCART as we Americans will ever get.  We can't begin to tell you how vibrant the picture is.  Must be seen to be believed.  Rivals that of a MVS Arcade cabinet.

These units undergo the following modifications:

- Component Video Output
- S-Video Output
- Stereo Left/Right Audio Output
- Composite RCA Video Output
- Power LED in the Reset Button (color or your choice)
- Uni-Bios Upgrade

Mega-Modded Neo Geo AES/NGH Home System(s) *Pricing starts at $525*

Every system is in 100% working order.  Condition, Contents, Serial #s, and Regions vary from unit to unit, which affect pricing.  Can be built-to-order with choice of upgraded bios (Debug Bios or Uni-Bios) and colour of Power LED (see "AES Modification" page).  Contact us via email to have a unit customized specifically to your liking.

Modified systems offer far superior advantages than that of the standard Neo Geo Home System.  Image quality is stepped-up with the use of a S-Video interface, along with true Stereo Sound Output.  A bios-upgrade is standard in the Mega-Mod, along with an illuminated Reset Button as a power indicator.  Last but not least is the inclusion of a generic RCA Video socket.  No more need for those proprietary cables!

AES Artwork *contact us for specific artwork*

(Most sets include insert & manual.  Some even come with their cart stickers!  Conditions vary.)


(*all games/cartridges contain 100% authentic/official SNK chips & hardware)

Looking for something in particular?  Send us an email with your needs & wants.  New stock is constantly arriving, so we may have additional products available that have yet to be posted.

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