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So you want to play Metal Slug on the home system but your budget doesn't allow you to spend $5000+ on the actual game?  You probably think you're out of luck, right?

Not at all.....

ROM Cartridge Conversion is the act of removing chips from one PCB format & transferring them into another.  Most commonly, the chips are taken from the MVS cart & installed into AES PCBs, but this process can be reversed.  Made of genuine SNK parts, they operate & function identically to their authentic counterpart.

Additionally, if you'd like to play a MVS "only" title (take Pleasure Goal for example; pictured above) on your home system, you have one of two choices;  buy a converter (which doesn't always work properly and is incompatible with certain AES revisions) OR have the MVS cartridge converted.  This is a great way to expand your home cart collection along with customizing it at the same time.

We offer conversions for sale in the Outlet.  You can also submit a request for one specifically made to your needs.  Simply contact our Tech Department with your submission.