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Hybrid AES~MVS System $prototype made; production delayed$

Fully customized system which plays both arcade (MVS) and home (AES) cartridges, all in one unit.

Custom-Lit AES Joystick $259

This is an alteration done to existing "Old-Style" Neo Geo joysticks.   Simply put, we wanted our AES joysticks to match their MVS siblings, so each button is illuminated with a LED in order to match it's MVS counterpart.

This can be done to an existing stick (customer supplied; discounted rate), or they are available for outright purchase.  The pre-modified units are in excellent condition at worst, so you'll have a show piece for that next gaming-gathering!

- DF System $in progress$

Have an extensive collection of both cartridge formats?  Then this is your cup of tea.  Your eyes are not deceiving you.  Short for "Dual Format" System, This prototype 2-Slot board allows you to insert a MVS (Arcade) cartridge & an AES (Home) cartridge into the same system, without the use of any converters/hack-jobs!

See something you'd like?  Have an idea you want fabricated?  Feel free contacting us at to have your dreams become a reality.